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Patients Speak

If you would like to know what our patients say, please read the following comments:


“Statistically it is said that 90% of the population are bothered by going to see the dentist, and for this reason they prefer not to go. The remaining 10% are afraid of anesthetics, are bothered with the sound of the drill, and are concerned that they may still have pain even after their visit to the dentist. Even a few prefer to not have any anesthetic at all because they are afraid of the needle. Sometimes people even go to the extreme of letting their treatments go unfinished.

I belong to the part of the population who preferred not to go to the dentist. However, I have changed my mind. Since the very beginning of my experience with Dr. Jorge Fuentes, I could feel confident because he is kind, his approach is personal, and he is very effectively involved. While he is kindly talking to you, he gives you a shot without you feeling or even being aware of it. While he is working, he explains the procedure, which helps to eliminate your fear, and he has the best hands. He also takes courses frequently to stay current in the field. I recommend him 1000%.”

— Dra. Ada Patricia Mendoza Beivide, a practicing psychiatrist for more than 20 years



  “I feel fortunate for having Dr. Jorge Fuentes as my family dentist and friend. I met him several years ago. I first came to his office as a patient needing a full treatment in my mouth. Since the first moment, I was impressed with his meticulousness, good care and experience in detecting situations that had been overlooked by other specialists.

Dr. Fuentes has an extremely careful working method, investigating the whole clinical frame and X-ray images in order to propose and perform an integral solution. It is remarkable that in each and every case, the suggested treatment is for a long term solution. This criterion is utterly important in such a delicate matter as oral health. In case of need, he does not hesitate in leaning on other well known, excellent specialists in order to offer more advanced care in the field of root canal treatment, oral surgery, etc.”

— Dr. Ignacio Béjar Solar, an ear, nose and throat specialist for more than 15 years. Achieved a specialization at Hospital for Sick Children in London, England and Toronto, Canada; also practiced at House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, California.



  “I have known Dr. Jorge Fuentes for more than 7 years and I have had the pleasure of being his patient. For various reasons I have always been surrounded by doctors and I can say that my experience with Dr. Fuentes is one of the best I have had, not only for his professionalsm. His talent goes beyond the standard, his work is neat, clean, and very carefully and precisely done. Having a true vocation makes him a great professional.

Talking about his work, it is more than evident and confirmed by his trajectory. What he has achieved has made a person like me become a permanent and loyal patient. For a long time I lived outside Mexico City. As a rule, every time I traveled to Mexico City, I made a point to visit him. Thanks to him I keep my teeth very well maintained.

I would like to speak about the personal treatment that he gives to each of his patients. He is kind, and he dedicates several hours to each patient. His style makes him a great dentist.”

— Lorena Baca, master of cultural administration for the University of Barcelona; coordinator and administrator of cultural projects in both Spain and Mexico.